Coded Transformations

Coded Transformations is project by Andreas Schlegel that takes place in between the physical and digital domain. Through a series of experiments, physical data is transformed by digital processes where the resulting outcomes are re-productions expressed in various physical formats. Throughout these transformative processes new technologies are used and new forms and cultural artifacts are produced. Here new technologies include custom built software and hardware, rapid prototyping techniques and physical computing.

Opening Date Thurs 10 Jan 2013, 6.30pm
Date and Time Fri 11 Jan - Sun 3 Feb 2013, 10am - 6pm
Venue ICA Gallery 1, B1-04, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
1 McNally Street, Singapore

The attribute new only applies temporarily and will be outdated in the near future, but how does the access to and the use of these technologies affect the way we produce, consume, collect and memorize today? The Coded Transformations project aims to investigate this question and suggests a series of applications through experimentation.

Contributions by Andreas Schlegel, Dhiya Muhammad, Vladimir Todorovic, Mohamad Riduan, Mithru Vigneshwara, Judith Lee

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