Andreas Schlegel works and teaches across disciplines. He develops artefacts, tools and interfaces where art and technology meet in a curious way. Many of his works are concerned with computational aesthetics and the behaviour of machines. In his artistic practice he creates audio, visual and physical outcomes driven by computation, interaction and networked processes.

His practice mainly revolves around the use of code in creative activities and artistic contexts. Here, code renders outputs in real time, which are then applied in various media such as screen, print, object, installation or performance. Inspiration is often drawn from everyday observations, experiments, data and nature.

Currently Andreas lives and works in Singapore where he heads the Media Lab at Lasalle College of the Arts. His work at the lab is practice-based, collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature and aims to blur the boundaries between art and technology.

Work samples

Machine Dreams

2020 — Video, generative, algorithms, visuals

Of Random Forests

2019 — Installation, screen, virtual

Of Random Forests

2019 — Installation, objects, visuals, sound


2019 — Object, light, patterns, algorithmic, interactive

Machine Training with Visual Overlay

2019 — Object, algorithmic, visuals

The Oort Cloud and the Blue Mountain

2019 — Installation, children, interactive, kinetic

Obor and Nog

2018 — Objects, robotic, behaviour.

Electromagnetic Objects

2018 — Performance, audio-visual, generative, synth.

Signal Body Space

2017 — Multi-sensory environment, interactive lights, sound

Digital Oxymorons

2017 — Movement, sensor, objects

Polar Reversal

2016 — Installation, interactive lights, objects

Movement of Things

2016 — Electronics, motion-sensing, data renderings

Performing the System

2015 — Networked system for audio-visual performance

Taking pictures of people taking pictures

2015 — 3D-prints


2013 — From breadboard to printed circuit board

Urban Explorations

2012, 2015 — Field research, custom-built tools, exhibition

Coded Transformations

2013 — Exhibition, various media

DIY Table

2013 — Objects, various materials


2012 — Generative short film


2011 — Installation


2011 — Sound installation

World Docs

2011 — Data analysis, objects


2008 — Field research, 3D-prints, installation


since 2007 — Various collaborative projects


The following open-source libraries for the programming environment Processing are currently maintained and supported.

ControlP5 is a graphical user interface library for Processing which adds basic controller elements like sliders, buttons, list to a sketch. It has been around since 2005. Download from Github or here.

OscP5 is a library that enables Processing to communicate with other hardware and software applications using the OSC protocol and has been around since 2004. Download from Github or here.