ControllerGroup is an abstract class and is extended by e.g. ControlGroup, Tab, or ScrollList
addCanvas ( )
add a canvas to a controllerGroup such as a tab or group. use regular processing draw methods to add visual content.
close ( )
set the status of the group to closed.
controller ( )
get a controller of the group.
getTab ( )
get the instance of the tab this controller belongs to.
hide ( )
hide the group.
isMoveable ( )
check if the group is moveable.
isUpdate ( )
check the update status of a controller.
isVisible ( )
check if the group is visible.
moveTo ( )
move the group.
name ( )
get the name of the group.
open ( )
set the status of the group to open.
remove ( )
remove the controller from controlP5.
removeCanvas ( )
remove a canvas from a controller group.
setColorActive ( )
set the color for the group when active.
setColorBackground ( )
set the background color of the group.
setColorForeground ( )
set the foreground color of the group.
setColorLabel ( )
set the color of the text label of the group.
setColorValue ( )
set the color of the value label.
setGroup ( )
set the group of the controller.
setLabel ( )
set the label of the group.
setMoveable ( )
set the moveable status of the group.
setPosition ( )
set the position of this controller.
setTab ( )
set the tab of the controller.
setUpdate ( )
enable or disable the update function of a controller.
setVisible ( )
set the group's visibility.
show ( )
show the group.
update ( )
call update if you want to update the value of or function call of a controller.
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