Controller is an abstract class that is extended by all available controllers. this is the full documentation list for all methods available for a controller.
 * controlP5numberbox by andreas schlegel <br />
 * an example to show how to use a numberbox to control<br />
 * variables and events.<br />
 * click a numberbox and move mouse up and down while pressing <br />
 * the mousebutton to change values.<br />
 * for further information and questions about controlP5 first<br />
 * take a look at the documentation, the examples, or the <br />
 * website at<br />

import controlP5.*;

ControlP5 controlP5;

public int myColorRect = 200;

public int myColorBackground = 100;

void setup() {
  controlP5 = new ControlP5(this);

void draw() {

void controlEvent(ControlEvent theEvent) {
  println("got a control event from controller with id "+theEvent.controller().id());
  switch(theEvent.controller().id()) {
    myColorRect = (int)(theEvent.controller().value());
    myColorBackground = (int)(theEvent.controller().value());
addListener ( )
add a listener to the controller.
behavior ( )
get the behavior of the controller.
defaultValue ( )
returns the default value.
getTab ( )
get the tab the controller belongs to.
getWindow ( )
get the control window of the controller
hide ( )
hide the controller, make it invisible.
id ( )
get the id of the controller.
isUpdate ( )
enable the update function for a controller.
isVisible ( )
check if the controller is visible.
label ( )
get the label of the controller.
moveTo ( )
move a controller to another tab and/or controlWindow.
name ( )
returns the name of the controller.
parent ( )
get the parent of a controller.
position ( )
get the position of a controller. e.g. Controller.position().x();
remove ( )
remove a controller from controlP5.
removeBehavior ( )
remove the behavior from the controller.
removeListener ( )
remove a listener from the controller.
setBehavior ( )
with setBehavior you can apply behaviors to a controller
setCaptionLabel ( )
set or change the content of the caption label of a controller.
setColorActive ( )
set the color for the controller while active.
setColorBackground ( )
set the background color of the controller.
setColorForeground ( )
set the foreground color of the controller.
setColorLabel ( )
set the color of the text label of the controller.
setColorValue ( )
set the color of the value label of the controller.
setDefaultValue ( )
set the default value.
setGroup ( )
set the group of the controller.
setId ( )
set the id of the controller.
setLabel ( )
set the label of the controller.
setLabelVisible ( )
show or hide the labels of a controller.
setMoveable ( )
enable or prevent the controller to be moveable.
setPosition ( )
set the position of a controller.
setTab ( )
set the tab of the controller.
setUpdate ( )
disable the update function for a controller.
setValue ( )
set the value of the controller.
setValueLabel ( )
set or change the value of the value label of a controller. (this is cheating, but maybe useful for some cases.)
setVisible ( )
set the visibility of a controller.
show ( )
show the controller. make it visible.
stringValue ( )
set the current string value of a controller.
trigger ( )
trigger the event of a controller. deprecated. use .update() instead.
update ( )
updates the value of the controller without having to set the value explicitly. update does not visually update the controller. the updating status can be set with setUpdate(true/false) and checked with isUpdate().
value ( )
get the current value of the controller.
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